When the feet hurt

, Vowing to find a book of people to run the most long-distance tribes,cheap mbt sandals, and he found the answer in northern Mexico, the Tarahumara Indian tribe is the tribe. Since long before the local tribe has mastered the skills to long-distance running, so that they can run up hundreds of miles chasing deer breath still does not change the content side, they have a good physical condition exception. In the book, showing not only the mystery of the tribal side,mbt chapa shoes, the original ︰ also tells the reader all the knowledge we have run, are wrong.

shoes did not reduce the injury risk of living in Mexico

Copper Valley (Copper Canyon) Tara Humala people, scattered mountains or deep valleys,mbt walking shoes, to exchange audio or hunting for food to be long-distance running. In the hot and rugged mountain valley, this group of middle-aged two days and nights, can run 700 km in one breath.

McDougall thought that the long-hidden mystery of what airbag technology,mbt maliza black, but after some exploring and found the wounded enjoy running a secret to avoid,cheapest mbt shoes, good or bad is not the shoes, not the warm-up and more mileage is not the amount of training.

He said: structure is evolved for the barefoot runners. but the point is not what you wear shoes, feet, but how you use the feet. If you take the right, running a moderate way, do not wear shoes is already not important. >
McDougall collection of academic information, visit after researchers found that the invention of modern sports shoes, runners did not reduce the chance of injury. Instead,mens mbt sandal, an ongoing study found that runners wear shoes,womens mbt shoes, feet, the pressure is even higher than the barefoot runners. Another study also found that the more expensive price, the introduction of more high-tech running shoes,mbt sport shoes, and the incidence is proportional to the wounded.

He said: light the way. barefoot running,mbt sport white, you can not follow the land use to the full,mbt kusumu sandals, because too much pain. In contrast with barefoot runners intuitive front foot slightly forward, the knees bend naturally to eliminate the impact force, greatly reducing the pressure on the feet and knees. br>
McDougall quoted Australian scholar Richard Adams (Dr. Craig Richards) published in an academic report in 2008 said there was no evidence that high-tech running shoes to put on a few hundred dollars,mbt amali, can reduce the risk of the wounded . He wrote on his website, the entire athletic footwear industry promotional activities,discount mbt sandals, not based on facts, but stressed that concerns you worried about 175 U.S. dollars if you do not buy a pair of running shoes,mbt shoes cheap, and replaced with new shoes in the three months to will destroy your knees.

He said: . shoes add too much cushion, the sole control of action, twist the foot’s natural action law, I think this is the crux. Interestingly, so far, for me and life in the book published in the running shoes of speech, major brand running shoes choice to remain silent.

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